Q & A

BELLUS offers a different type of service than most so we would like to display and answer some of our most frequently asked questions. Feel free to email us with more.

Q. What does “legal expertise in real estate” mean?

A. We have the following types of counsel available to assist our clients if requested: 1) Business, 2) Real Estate, 3) Tax (including attorneys that worked as counsel for the IRS). Most of our real estate counsel also practice corporate/business law.

Q. How are [P]Referred Bellus attorneys chosen?

A. The attorneys we use are vetted by our managing broker who also has more than 15 years of business law and real estate law experience.

Q. Is there a fee for the legal services?

A. Yes, but the fee is lower than what an outside attorney would charge. We have already negotiated very reasonable “Not-to-exceed” legal fees with attorneys that are top notch and leaders in their field. This allows the deal to continue smoothly and without interruption.

Q. What if I want to know exactly how the process works?

A. Our managing broker can answer any direct questions you have about how requests for legal assignments work. We have a “secret sauce” that is only revealed to clients.

Q. What if I already have an attorney that I know and trust?

A. If the client already has an attorney, we do not, under any circumstances, interfere with those relationships. We can spot a legal concern faster than most brokerages and help the client engage their counsel faster and more efficiently by providing relevant info.

Q. What is another way Bellus sets itself apart from other brokerages?

A. Our agents always have access to our own in house counsel for routine real estate legal questions which adds an extra level of protection for clients at no additional cost to them.

Q. If I do not need an attorney, is that okay? Should I still hire Bellus?

A. Of course! Most commercial deals do, at some point, utilize an attorney’s services but it is not required. If a client is savvy enough to go through a deal without one, that’s great. We are first and foremost a real estate brokerage. We only added counsel to assist because we noticed that many clients like the option of having them available if needed. It also makes the process more efficient for clients who request it. No one wants to go on a search for an attorney in the middle of a deal.